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What is activewear?

Activewear is sportswear that’s evolved and developed to meet modern sporting and fitnactivewear girless needs.  The three key points to remember are:

  • performance

  • versatility

  • style

Activewear uses the latest in performance fabrics and technologies like Supplex, and other Dry Fit materials, to ensure that the garments can cope with the intense demands of sporting disciplines like running, cycling, swimming, and gym-work.  Activewear is versatile because, unlike traditional sportswear, these garments can be worn across sporting disciplines and still get the job done. It’s also stylish because BrasilSul believes that you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality – you can have both with activewear that’s modern-looking, colourful and well-designed.

SupplexWhat is Supplex?

Supplex uses finer multiple filaments to make Supplex® flexible, lightweight, and 26% to 36% softer than standard nylon fabrics.

Activewear garments utilising Supplex fabrics will hold their great shape and vibrant colour – as only nylon can – through vigorous exercise, sun and surf, and repeated washings and dryings. And, they’ll never fuss or pill.
Plus, Supplex® won’t wrinkle, shrink or fade so clothes made of Supplex® stay looking new for longer.


In blends with Lycra® brand elastane, Supplex® combines cottony-soft comfort with the gentle support, superb fit and great freedom of movement that only Lycra® can bring. It’s a practical fusion of softness and stretch, with Lycra® stretching up to 500%, and then springing back to its original shape.

The soft, hugging fit of Supplex® with Lycra® can be found in activewear from BrasilSul.

  Look for the Supplex® logo on our activewear garment tags. The Supplex® trademark assures you that the fabric has met Invista (formerly known as DuPont) standards for quality. Supplex® is specially engineered by Invista to provide the soft, supple touch of cotton with the strength, durability and performance advantages of nylon. Supplex® is as strong as it is soft, resisting abrasions, punctures and tears. It is also breathable and odour-, wind- and water-resistant.

When Supplex® does get wet, it dries in a flash - drying faster than cotton by 56 minutes. Because of these qualities, Supplex® is used in activewear, swimwear, exercise wear, "extreme" sportswear, and outerwear.

BrasilSul X-Dry          BrasilSul X-Power

How does BrasilSul use Supplex?

BrasilSul Activewear has been working with Supplex fabrics for over 20 years and has evolved its own proprietary technologies, including X-Dry and X-Power. X-Dry technology was designed to achieve fast absorption and dispersal of perspiration and vapours, which can enhance the wearer’s sense of well-being and lessen the sensation of fatigue when exercising. X-Power is a variant of Supplex which has been developed with a highly compressed structure, resulting in a fabric which is air-texturised and micro-filamented, and guarantees breathability, rapid drying, and UV protection. Oh, and it’s very comfortable, too! Other BrasilSul activewear fabrics include F-Action Hidrata, Microfibra Tactel, Max Fresh, Neotech, Hidroskin, and Tplax. All of these are high-performance activewear fabrics that possess benefits like lightness, UV protection, thermoregulation, and hydrophilic/antistatic finishes, to ensure that they are useful and pleasurable to wear during whatever sport or exercise you choose.

How do you care for your activewear garments?

BrasilSul washing

All BrasilSul’s activewear products are easy-care and fast drying. Our activewear garments are machine washable. Simply wash them at the temperature stated on the care label in your activewear garment (usually 30°C or 40°C) If possible, avoid using washing powders or liquids with conditioners or softeners in as these may affect the performance of your activewear garment. Due to the quick drying nature of our activewear fabrics, there’s no need to use a tumble-dryer - after the spin cycle simply hang up your activewear garment to dry.

BrasilSul washing

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